Please talk to “E.Z.” Eddy Campy at the band HOTLINE: 503-730-5247. He’ll have all the latest available dates for the band, as well as our current fees, contract riders, limo services, private jet itinerary, and, you know, all the rock star stuff…

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And From Satisfied Customers…

“Thanks again to everybody for last Friday. I got lots of comments about what a great band you are. All ages enjoyed it, which is exactly what I wanted. You’re the best.” –Curt, Beaverton, Oregon

“What a fun evening [Newport Microbrew Festival] you provided with excellent music, stage presence, and my extra surprise guest, a third vocalist. Must say you handled it masterfully, and slick, and three women of that caliber of equality (and temperament) came off like Alcott’s, ‘Little Women.’ But what a nice time and the timing of the Kid’s joining you on stage, et al, gets my thanks and recommendation anytime to anyone from the River Road from the Mtn. to the Big Sea.” –Jon Nyberg, CVA Concert Series, Ent. Dir., ColCo Entertainment Arts, Ambassador at Large

“I play sax with The Essentials. We played after you at the Taste of Tillamook County. I really enjoyed the performance of the Kid Lopez Band at the Waterfront Blues Festival on Friday. I was impressed by the quality and how far your band has come. On that slow song just before the last one, my fingers were twitching, wanting to play a solo! Good luck with the band in the future.” –Bob Anderson, The Essentials