Jumpin’ At The VRC…

Our favorite gig…the Valley River Inn across from the Valley River Center Mall in Eugene. Sweetwater’s is the name of the lounge, nested comfortably on the banks of the mighty Willamette. Rooms, food, beverages, beautiful people… Livin’ the dream, man…

Uh, oh… anyway… Nico’s mom, Ann, has been offended that we don’t have any pics of Nico on the site, and, well, it’s true. But there’s a reason for it…or excuse…sorry, Mom… and here it is: All work on this site is done on a volunteer basis, and, granted, the way I’ve set it up, maintenance of it is a bit time-intensive (for the sake of design), SO, “when I get a round tuit,” things WILL and DO get done. So, please have patience. We love Nico, and in no way is this a slap in the face, despite the way it may look.

That said, I had our band photog and chief Eugene swing-dancer, Greg Shaver, snap a few shots with my little Kodak EasyShare

So there!

Ann also turned me on to a cool source of “street jumpers” video, to maintain the street cred of the band. Check out – http://www.ejbdotcom.net/content/1453.html

Thanks, Ann!

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