On The Cover Of The ….Positively Entertainment

Yet another 15 minutes of fame has come and gone for The Jumpers, with a big hats off to my friend, Bonnie Carter, editor of Positively Entertainment. Bonnie has been THE greatest advocate for Portland musicians and the Portland music scene for over 25 years. She has featured The Jumpers on the cover of her monthly mag, with an article. Although the band members giggled some at the factual errors, the heart was in the right place, and that’s what counts. I’ve emailed the webmaster at the Positively Entertainment website about correcting the errors there, so don’t be alarmed if you read about Eddy being an “electrical engineer”–he’s actually just a contractor–which, in the trade, is a big deal. We’re checking into whether or not he can be jailed for misrepresenting himself…

There were actually a couple of people who came to the Tippy Canoe gig as a result of the article in PE, so once again, Bonnie, thanks.

Tonight we play at the First Avenue Pub in Newberg for the first time. It’s a new venue in the hometown of George Fox College, so we’re looking forward to getting a foot in the rotational door, hopefully. I’ll take the camera and take some shots, and post them here.

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