Who Are The Jumpers Band? What Instruments Do They Play?

who are the jumpers band

Because there are so many possibilities with the name “Jumpers,” we get people coming up to us all the time asking which one is it? Are we JUMPER cables? Are we gymnasts, or track & field guys? Are we paratroopers, or tiny pieces of hardware on a computer motherboard? Maybe we just like that Van Halen song from 1984, or maybe we’re the ones David Lee Roth is singing about in the song? On the darker side, we could be suicidal.

All we know is that the Jumpers band is comprised of six band members. These band members include instruments such as:

  • Bass Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Electric Keyboard
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone

E.Z. EDDY CAMPY (Bass Guitar)

Eddy Campy, AKA “E.Z” is the founding member and driving force behind The Jumpers. Eddy is also the bass player for the band and has been since the start of the band. We’ve already spoken extensively about Eddy in the history of the Jumpers

So for that reason, we thought it would be cool to talk about some of the musical gear that Eddy uses. A topic which we love to talk about as band members.

Eddy has two main bass guitars that he plays in the band. Both of these bass guitars are made by Fender. And, they are both the Jazz bass model.

The first Fender Jazz bass that Eddy plays is an American Olympic white colored one from the early 1980’s. This bass guitar of eddy’s has certainly reached and earned its vintage status. The second American Fender Jazz bass that eddy plays is a more modern model. This one has a black body with tortoise shell pick guard. A gorgeous guitar indeed.

And finally, Eddy tops this off by running these bass guitars of his into a vintage Ampeg SVT with matching cabinet. Although, the older he gets the smaller he wishes his bass amp was!

JOE MCCARTHY (Keyboards, Synth & Trumpet)

Joe McCarthy is our resident multi-instrumentalist and all-round musical talent. He’s the only keyboard player I know to play with a guitar chair. But, he does use the best guitar chair http://guitarpickzone.com/best-guitar-stool/ out there. When Joe is not playing keys on his chair, he’s standing up to the microphone with his trumpet in hand ready to rip the crowd to shreds with his epic trumpeting skills.

Joe is one of the most talented musicians I have had the pleasure of working with and his keyboard, piano and of course, trumpet skills.


Allyn Jackson is the latest addition to The Jumpers band. But boy oh boy was he a great find and fantastic saxophonist. Allyn had known The Jumpers for a long time before joining the band. However, he found himself mainly in Jazz bands with the longing to play blues, rock and country.

The Jumpers decided a few years back that the addition of a saxophone player would be very beneficial and make the band stand out from the rest of the country and blues bands out there. Getting Allyn Jackson on board to play saxophone was just a natural progression and feels like he’s been a member of the band since we started.

JIM BUIE (Drums)

Jim is another one of the founding members of The Jumpers band. He’s been playing drums for over 50 years which we can safely say means he’s an absolute expert and machine behind the drumkit. A crazy fun fact about Jim is that he used to be a roadie for Aerosmith way back in the early 70’s.

It’s not hard to see how Jim became inspired to be the great drummer that he is today. I mean after all, he spent a great deal of his youth touring America with one of the greatest rock bands in the world. It is no wonder Jim slays it behind the kit.

Jim plays his beloved Yamaha stage custom however, he is known to have quite the collection of vintage Ludwig  snare drums. Ask him about it…he’ll tell you every last detail about each drum.

Fun fact about Jim. He also sings for The Jumpers. Which is quite an impressive task to play drums and and sing at the same time.

RAY DAVIS (Guitar)

And last but definitely not least we have Ray Davis, The Jumpers one and only guitar player. Ray is actually a classically trained guitar player specializing in nylon string guitars. But that doesn’t mean he don’t know how to play the electric! In fact Ray’s classical training translates quite beautifully into our blues and country music. Which makes both Rays guitar playing along with The Jumpers sound, one that is very unique.

Ray is the second newest member of the band. The Jumpers has had quite a few guitarist over the years. But Ray has been with us for the longest time.

In case you wanted to know, Ray has a good selection guitars but prefers his number 1 PRS guitar.